City of Houston Deannexation

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Project Description

Working for another firm on behalf of a private industrial client, Ms. Donatto (now a partner at Anthem, LLC) acted as Project Manager for one of the only deannexations in the City of Houston in the last two decades. The context of the deannexation was complex and required in-depth research on historic property values and projected future property values under multiple possible scenarios. The property in question was undeveloped and in the City of Houston city limits but located directly adjacent to the developed property in an Industrial District Agreement (IDA) area- technically, the City of Houston’s extraterritorial jurisdiction.

The client owned both properties and wished to expand its business on the undeveloped property but could not due to the limitations on industrial activity within the City limits. It was necessary to work with the City of Houston at length to reach an agreement that was deemed mutually beneficial for both parties whereby the Client was granted a deannexation of the undeveloped property with annexation into the existing IDA in order to develop the land in a manner that suited the Client’s needs. It would be difficult to understate the complexity of this case; it required months of meetings with various City officials as well as the Client, but the end result was a win-win for all parties involved.