H-GAC Livable Centers Public Outreach

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Project Description

Working for a Houston-based planning firm as a subcontractor to SWA Group, Ms. Donatto acted as Project Manager on a strategic planning study in the Aldine area of North Houston. The H-GAC Livable Centers studies aim to investigate areas of probable need and provide solutions that enhance the economic opportunities, multi-modal transportation options, and overall quality of life for residents of the area.

As Project Manager, Ms. Donatto led public outreach efforts and conducted meeting facilitation for the team. Three public meetings were held, three rounds of surveys were collected, and participants at each meeting provided feedback through interactive mapping exercises. Various public outreach methods were used, including physical flyering of the district, coordinating with local school district administrators to build capacity with the students and their parents, and an interview about the project in the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce spot on Houston Hispanic AM Radio station, La Tremenda (KLAT- 1010 AM).