Historic Palm Center Redevelopment Plan

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Project Description

Anthem partner Jillian worked with CDS Market Research as part of a team hired by Houston Business Development, inc (HBDi) to create a site plan for the redevelopment of the historic Palm Center, which HBDi currently owns. After decades of decline and disinvestment in the surrounding area, the Palm Center is once again a strategic location as the terminal stop on the Houston Metro Rail Purple Line.

The client sought to reposition the Center while facilitating job growth and wealth-building for the existing community. The client envisioned a mixed-use development focused on residential, office with an institutional and workforce focus, and neighborhood retail. Jillian conducted a case study analysis on similar mall or retail center conversions as well as a primary market analysis on office and multi-family developments in Southeast Houston.

Jillian also researched and advised on ongoing small business, entrepreneurship, and workforce initiatives across the City which could be integrated into the plan as an anchor tenant for the Center that could align with and fulfill the client’s mission and strategic goals.