Willowleaf Botanicals hired Anthem, LLC to bring the vision of an online soapery to life. Founded by Allison Ngo in 2020, Willowleaf Botanicals is the product of a lifelong passion for creating beautiful things. As a formally-trained pastry chef, she brings skill and dedication to the craft of making products that support customers’ wellbeing.

Willowleaf Botanicals specializes in sustainable, vegan, cruelty-free products and is committed to using organic ingredients when available. These products are gentle enough for every member of the family. Allison holds a deep love for our Earth and the botanical gifts it provides us. Willowleaf is dedicated to harnessing the power and properties of these plants to create moments of joy in daily routine.

For more information and the best-selling soaps you’ll ever use, visit Willowleaf Botanicals here: https://willowleafbotanicals.com/